Holy molly! What a wedding. “Aqui Hay Mucho Love” was written on the cake and wine. And it couldn’t been more right. I felt the love, not only the one I was capturing but I actually felt loved. Blair and Zach are such beautiful people inside and out and I mean it form the bottom of my heart. Their family is incredible sweet and they truly make the world a better place. You know writing this I was thinking how many feel like they can’t wait for their special day to be here, this was different. It felt like the day was happily waiting for them. Blair’s mom in her speech mentioned that Blair has a special connection with people and when she said that I couldn’t agree more she radiates patience and love, and I only met her on her wedding day! Zach is just cool and has a smile that you can spot from miles and the way he makes Blair smile it just melts you. Zach and Blair are expecting their first baby, so you might spot him in some pictures. This baby is going to have an awesome family a family with “Mucho Love” no doubt. Well here are some of the pictures of the day.

Second shooter: Perla Akrap

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